Untold Horizons, the new cool for school as we like to think of it, was founded by a group of moms who want better quality uniforms for their children. We feel a great education should come with comfort and confidence, and we wanted to create a brand that ensures kids are dazzled by the uniforms they are wearing to school every day.


The super soft cashmere used in all of the sweater knits adds a chic touch of style and trend to every child’s day; before, during, & after school. Our reversible pieces are changing the norm in school uniforms by adding a pop color for that extra bit of cool and style. This is a new technique and a new idea for schools that we are certain will be a huge hit! Children, like adults, want to express themselves through clothing and our reversible technique allows them to differentiate from the crowd. The colors are fun and school appropriate while being functional. We know accidents happen so if they stain one side you can just flip it over to the reverse for an instant backup plan.


“Untold Horizons” simply means that a child’s life is Untold, no one can predict who kids may become in later years. We know all parents want their kids to reach their highest peak, achieve their goals, and stay on the Horizon.


We are a new brand with a new concept entering a new market. We have all the confidence & belief that once in front of the eyes of parents and on the bodies of kids, everyone will instantly fall in love with our uniforms.


Untold Horizons just made back to school shopping a whole lot easier!