School is Cool

School is cool, but what about everything after?


Our mission at Untold Horizons is to bring out your child’s confidence from within. With our reversible uniforms we are aiming to create a new modern versatility, what we call uniforms for life.


Kids today are busier than ever, with full schedules after school, on the weekends, and we know that leaves parents with less time to shop and plan. Our uniforms for life take one more thing off of your plate. You can send your kids off to school in the morning, knowing their uniform clothes will easily transition to whatever their plans are after the final bell rings.  We call it…


Back to School…Reverse to Cool! 


Untold Horizons is here to make your back to school shopping a whole lot easier.

Show us how the kids in your life are inspired to wear their uniform clothes in and out of the classroom. We love seeing your photos! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook #untoldhorizons